Michael Phelps 'Raced' a 'Shark,' Kind Of. Not Really

Tuesday, 25 Jul, 2017

"Great White" - which was supposed to be the highlight of the network's "Shark Week" - Phelps raced a CGI shark, the Huffington Post reported.

Tweeple were not pleased with Phelps racing a computer-generated simulation of the shark as they felt cheated given the build up of the race. He raced the shark who is usually 5 times faster than his speed, hence, the monofin.

Phelps tweeted on Sunday that he'd like a rematch, but in warmer water.

Michael Phelps, record holding United States swimmer with 23 Olympic gold medals to his name, has (sort of) raced a Great White shark to in a promotion with the Discovery Channel.

"Waited an hour for Michael Phelps to race a CGI shark".

But for practical reasons, the victor of 26 Olympic medals wasn't going to be able to actually swim alongside a shark.

But only by 2 seconds.

"I've always been fascinated by great whites, so I thought it would be fun to roll out our first-ever Great White Pizza special, along with nightly watch parties", Anthony's CEO John Le Bel said in a news release.

For the main event against the Great White Shark, Michael was defeated once again by only two seconds.

Other highlights of the week will include a shark vs crocodile fight over sea turtles and a "great hammerhead invasion". After all, the shark's average speed of 25 miles per hour was more than four times Phelps's own top speed in the pool.

- Shark Week (@SharkWeek) July 24, 2017Rematch?

Phelps could be consoled by the fact that he was more successful in a 50m practice run against a reef shark, which he completed in just 18.9 seconds.