Sen. John McCain To Return For Critical Health Care Vote

Wednesday, 26 Jul, 2017

It's hard to imagine why you would roust yourself from a recent diagnosis of brain cancer to put yourself on the line for a president who has done nothing but belittle you and steer your party into chaos.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) will return to Washington on Tuesday despite recently diagnosed brain cancer, his office announced Monday evening, just in time for a critical vote on the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

McCain also said he would not vote for the current GOP version of the repeal-and-replace bill. Susan Collins, R-Maine, is a no on the motion to proceed. There's no doubt that the GOP - and the Democrats, for that matter - are thoroughly planning for a post-McCain world.

McCain's surprise announcement followed a weekend outdoors near Sedona, Ariz.

McConnell encouraged senators to vote Tuesday to open what he said would be a period of "robust debate" on health care.

Trump would change his tune in a hurry if McCain voted no. Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker told Politico he understood "it is a possibility".

"I'm pretty confident we'll get on the bill even without John, " Sen. The Republican senator from Arizona is back in Washington to work on health care reform after undergoing minimally invasive surgery for an aggressive glioblastoma, a quick return after spending the past week outdoors and hiking with his daughter Meghan and friends. His irritation was evident during his appearance Monday at the Boy Scouts National Jamboree in West Virginia. "We now have the ability to identify cell types of these tumors and differentiate them one from the other". On another, dealing with the political unrest in Poland, McCain said that country "must honor commitment to democracy" and the rule of law. "I guess unlike most politicians who would just skirt around the issue I take things directly-and I'm going to continue to do so".

After McCain was diagnosed with cancer, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked if Trump regrets suggesting that the senator is not a war hero. These tumors are usually supplied by a large amount of blood vessels, meaning that they have ideal conditions to grow and to spread, invading healthy brain tissue.

However, McCain's 2016 primary opponent Kelli Ward didn't see it that way.

Glioblastoma is the most malignant form of glioma. Sen. Edward Kennedy, musician George Gerswhin and Beau Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden.Gershwin lived with the tumor for months without getting the proper diagnosis, Close said."He started having seizures, but they didn't know that at the time", he said. "I like people who weren't captured".

Roberts said his main concern is the effect of spending cuts on rural hospitals that get Medicaid funds.

Last week, McCain tweeted, "I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support - unfortunately for my sparring partners in Congress, I'll be back soon, so stand-by!"