No More Gasoline, Diesel Cars in UK After 2040

Thursday, 27 Jul, 2017

The government has told councils to solve pollution on their own streets by improving public transport and considering restrictions on dirty diesel vehicles at peak times.

These gases end up in the air that we breathe.

The government has been slow to tackle the problem. 90% of NOx emissions on the roads are from diesel engines, of which 41% is from diesel cars.

"It's crucial that scrapping diesel doesn't simply shift people into other types of auto - instead we should use this opportunity to revamp out towns and cities with investment in walking and cycling, and by ensuring that public transport is affordable and reliable". Yet nothing has changed.

However, FairFuelUK, which lobbies ministers for better deals for motorists and has its headquarters in Cranbrook, argues it would be better to phase in new fuel technologies to work effectively and be supported, without a target date to terminate diesel and petrol.

"Plus, after major interventions by previous Governments, trust isn't always high".

We can not wait until 2040 for real action to tackle the public health emergency caused by air pollution.

The move would include banning hybrid cars which operate on a 50/50 mix petrol and electric.

While France and the United Kingdom have set the target for 2040, India's power minister Piyush Goel has said that the country is looking to have an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2030.

"We also continue to call on government to introduce a national diesel scrappage scheme to get more polluting vehicles off the road". That suggests to us that a new taxation regime will be put in place that slowly pushes people out of fossil-fuel-burning vehicles and into EVs. The final Clean Air Plan will be announced by 31 July.

"However, the law says ministers must bring down illegal levels of air pollution as soon as possible, so any measures announced in this plan must be focused on doing that".

"The Government also wants local authorities to play their part and address these issues as well".

The announcement comes as part of a move to improve air quality by drastically reducing pollution. But Mr Khan said: "A half-hearted commitment from Government simply isn't good enough". Our toxic air is stunting our children's lung growth right now; it is sending vulnerable people to hospital and causing suffering up and down the country. Those deemed not to be sufficient will be required to "implement the measures necessary in their area to deliver the necessary improvement in the shortest time possible", the government has said.