PUBG To Offer Vanity Items Inspired by Battle Royale Movie

Thursday, 27 Jul, 2017

Once gamescom ends on August 27, the Invitational Crate will no longer be available for purchase.

As part of the collaborative development process, PlayerUnknown has relocated to Bluehole's Korean HQ from his native Ireland to serve as the creative director on the project at Bluehole while maintaining close contact with the grassroots community that has supported his projects. The new crates are said to feature outfits influenced by Battle Royale.

Bluehole just recently announced crates for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which hold several new cosmetic items.

The game's pitched itself as a battle royale, and that film is an obvious inspiration - and now that's going to be reflected in a range of new clothing inspired by the costumes in the film.

Gamescom could mark the start of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds becoming one of the most popular esports.

The post continues by expressing further outrage at the fact that there's only one item in each crate too, so in theory for a full set you'd need $10 at least. An Xbox One version is also expected to launch by the end of this year, with a PlayStation 4 release coming in 2018.

Same as it was already announced that the next announcement of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds would include the first person mode into the game. We will then return to the free-to-open system.

The developers affirm that this move will allow them to test out the finalized crate system that will be implemented in the game's final release outside of early access, and that the paid crates aren't here to stay. The tournament will run from August 23 to August 26, with $350,000 United States dollars filling up the prize pool. The third crate named the Gamescom Invitational Crate will have the most diverse pool of themed clothing, but you'll have to purchase a $2.50 key to open it. The tournament prize pool will have a total value of $350,000 United States dollars.

Since its debut back in March on Early Access, the phenomenon PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has lit up the Steam charts thanks to its addicting survival gameplay experience, with the title to begin introducing paid cosmetic items next month. "Keys and Crates are an ANTI-CONSUMER means of distributing DLC content", which garnered 12,500 up-votes and over 2,000 comments.