Scaramucci's 250 hours of drama in White House

Wednesday, 02 Aug, 2017

I think that this is a reset. Prior to serving as Communications Director Scaramucci was the head of the Export Import Bank.

Scaramucci's swift departure is an early indication that Kelly intends to assert his authority over the operations of the White House, and that several of the big personalities there - including Kushner, Ivanka Trump and Bannon - may be inclined to defer to him.

Trevor Noah pointed out that Scaramucci was to Trump what Trump is to most of the United States.

General Michael Flynn resigned as Trump's national security advisor just three weeks into his administration.

On June 19 he became the chief strategy officer at the Export-Import bank in Washington, D.C. "So, the kind of people who now are going to be applying for jobs in the Trump White House are going to be mediocrities", Cernovich explained.

But the real straw that broke the camel's back was the conversation he had with a New Yorker journalist.

"Keep telling it like it is 'Mooch, '" the fan said, offering words of support for the ousted aide. He introduced Kelly at the White House cabinet meeting this morning using typically Trumpian superlatives. He said "when the president is talking economy he's in a winning spot".

Scaramucci also predicted that Priebus would be forced to resign - which he indeed did two days later.

Raised voices could be heard through the thick door to the Oval Office as John Kelly - then secretary of Homeland Security - offered some tough talk to President Donald Trump.

Lizza published excerpts from the profane call in the New Yorker on Thursday afternoon.

Kelly then demanded that other advisers leave the room so he could speak to the president frankly.

'He does not have a role at this time in the Trump administration, ' Huckabee Sanders said. Scaramucci was "grandstanding", one source close to the White House said, a grave misdeed that Trump punished by banishing him to "the cheap seats in centerfield".

Lewandowski made note of it in his Fox segment. "One week into the job and the guy already had four scandals", said Noah, "Even Trump was going, This guy, every day there's something new with him".

Last week, his travails included the defeat of health care reform - his (and his party's) top legislative priority - along with a Congressional move to limit Trump's authority to deal with Russian Federation, a rebuke by the Pentagon over a presidential directive to ban transgender people from military service, chaos in the White House staff and an extraordinary introduction by his new communications director. Right now, everything from trade to taxes to immigration, including Trump's border wall, are barely more (and in many cases considerably less) than the slogans they began as during the campaign. But he worries that Trump's penchant for bombast and ridiculing his opponents works against conservative goals.

He declined to be interviewed and left quietly through a side exit.

But that wasn't all for Kelly's first day.

News of Scaramucci's outing came less than six hours after the appointment of Kelly as chief of staff, reportedly at the former general's request. Also on Monday, Trump's approval rating continued to plummet, leaks about internal staff changes only intensified under Kelly's watch, and experts expressed complete astonishment that the White House remained silent in the face of Russia's extraordinary decision to expel American diplomats from the country.