Deadly Shootout At Moscow Court Leaves Three Dead

Thursday, 03 Aug, 2017

Several people were wounded in a shootout at the Moscow Regional Court in Russian Federation on Tuesday, local media reported.

She added that several other people, including one man and one woman, were also injured.

At least three people have been killed and two wounded in a shootout at a court in Moscow, Russian news agencies said.

"When I attended the hearings of the GTA Gang, I was always stunned why nine defendants were being accompanied by only two or three guards, and one court marshal who was always sleeping in the courtroom", journalist Andrei Karev wrote on Facebook.

One is said to have tried to strangle a guard before the defendants seized the officers' weapons and the group managed to escape, according to officials.

A criminal case has been opened after shooting that occurred earlier today in the building of the Moscow Regional Court, Russia's Investigative Committee announced on Tuesday.

Two other defendants in the case and a policeman were badly injured in the fighting that marked an unusual breakdown in security in the heavily guarded Russian court system. They are charged with 17 murders, two attempted murders, banditry, plunder, illegal production and possession of weapons as well as with stealing documents.

The defendants were reportedly members of the Grand Theft Auto gang, which took its name from the computer game.

The three defendants were accused of terrorizing drivers in Moscow by disabling motorists' cars with spikes placed on roads, and then shooting the drivers. She said that she saw a wounded female guard whose "face was all bloody".

Lawyer Sofia Russkaya told TASS news agency: "We were at a different session when heard shots fired".