Kenyan IT Head That Led Computerizing Election Found Dead

Thursday, 03 Aug, 2017

"I condemn this senseless act in the strongest terms and call on the Kenyan authorities to conduct a full investigation into the murder and bring those responsible to justice. Therefore we would like to break this tradition and call on the authorities to investigate this matter as soon as possible", Githongo added. "The Republic must secure the lives, the property, and the safety of its people - and it will". The United States and Britain have offered to assist Kenya in the investigation.

The close race, the murder, and a history of malfunctions of election equipment have raised tensions in Kenya and provoked a storm of speculation on social media.

Mr. Kenyatta, 55, is the son of Kenya's first president, Jomo Kenyatta, but under his rule the country has become mired in corruption, the economy has sagged and it has been unable to stop persistent terrorist attacks.

Mr. Odinga, 72, who is from the Luo tribe, has tried and failed several times to be elected president. The primaries in April were neither completely free nor fair but the number of incumbents that were voted out suggested that voters were ready to exercise their agency.

He led election observers in a meeting with IEBC officials on July 19.

"The only issue is who killed him and why ... He also had cuts on his hand", said Dr Oduor.

His face has no injury but fresh blood was oozing from the nose by Monday mid-morning.

Kenyan newspaper The Star reports that Mr. Msando's body was found with one arm missing. A former government official turned whistleblower, John Githongo, said there was plenty of reason to believe Msando's death was related to the election. "The only question in our mind is who [killed him] and why he was killed a few days to elections", Chebukati told reporters.

Following Msando's cold blood killing, it has now emerged that he had recorded a statement at Central police station saying his life was in danger weeks prior.

The corpse of an unidentified woman was also found.

The student was identified as Maryanne Ngumbu from Gachie.