Trump son's statement on Russia lawyer meeting was 'true': White House

Четверг, 03 Авг, 2017

As investigations into Russian interference in the presidential election continue, the revelation that Donald Trump Jr. and other senior members of the Trump campaign met with a Kremlin-affiliated lawyer a year ago has plagued the White House in recent weeks. She also spoke on President Donald Trump's views on Scarmucci, saying he thought the former communications director's comments in an interview with The New Yorker were "inappropriate". "The statement that Don Jr. issued is true".

Trump Jr. initially said the meeting was presented as focusing on Russian adoption policies, though he later admitted to seeking damaging information on his father's opponent, Hillary Clinton.

In a statement President Trump said he supports measures to deter "bad behavior" from Pyongyang and Tehran.

The adviser's fears don't appear to be misplaced.

Russian Federation has denied meddling in the United States presidential elections while President Trump has repeatedly cast doubt on the view of USA intelligence that Russian Federation sought to tip the November 2016 election in his favour.

In a signing statement released by the White House, Trump said the legislation "included a number of clearly unconstitutional provisions" in lawmakers' "haste" to pass it.

Donald Trump Jr. with his father, Donald Trump, on the night of the Iowa Caucus in Des Moines, Iowa, on February 1, 2016.

Anonymous sources told the Post the president personally dictated his son's statement aboard Air Force One. A misleading public statement could be used as evidence of corrupt intent, Sklansky said. But Monday's report describing direct involvement by Trump in the response could attract more scrutiny to Trump amid investigations by Congress and the FBI into Russian election interference. That disclosure prompted Trump correct his public statements.

However, the most important aspect is that President Trump does not have the right or power not to contradict the decision voted by the Congress and the House of Representatives.

In a statement to ABC channel, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov had said, "I think this retaliation is long, long overdue".

The last line of the President's statement drew some interest as well.