Special counsel Robert Mueller impanels grand jury as Trump-Russia investigation accelerates

Saturday, 05 Aug, 2017

"It's just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of American politics".

The grand jury has been working for several weeks already, according to the Journal, and marks an escalation of the probe into last year's election meddling and whether President Donald Trump's campaign team had anything to do with it.

The grand jury does not mean that criminal charges will be filed, but it is a sign that the investigation is much bigger and involves more people that Mike Flynn. It's unclear if it's using the same grand jury from an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn or an entirely different one.

Grand juries give prosecutors the ability to put witnesses under oath if there is evidence of a crime. "Legal experts said that the decision by Mr. Mueller to impanel a grand jury suggests he believes he will need to subpoena records and take testimony from witnesses", The Wall Street Journal reports.

All of this going on as word circulates that grand jury subpoenas have been issued. "Or look at the uranium that she sold that is now in the hands of very angry Russians". Trump also asked Comey to pledge loyalty to him, a request the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director declined. He also said he never worked with Russian Federation to try to benefit the Trump campaign's chances of winning the election. "We won because we totally outworked the other side".

Donald Trump Jr. confirmed the get-together in a statement, describing it as "a short introductory meeting" that focused mainly on the issue of child adoption.

"It was the middle of the afternoon, and he just picked up the phone to say how innocent I was", Trump said.

Also there was Democrat West Virginian Governor Jim Justice, who announced he will be changing his registration to republican first thing Friday morning. Are there any Russians here tonight?

Mueller's team is broadly investigating whether any Trump associates colluded with the Russian government in its attempts to disrupt the election. Two bipartisan pairs-Thom Tillis and Chris Coons, along with Lindsey Graham and Cory Booker-have begun drafting bills that would inhibit President Trump's ability to get rid of Mueller in unjustified circumstances.