Trump Mocks Russia Investigation While in West Virginia: 'A Total Fabrication'

Суббота, 05 Авг, 2017

The rally was Trump's second visit to West Virginia in two weeks. ". West Virginia, I can't help you anymore by being a Democratic governor". Republican Governors Association Chairman and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said in a statement that "we're thrilled that Governor Jim Justice wants to join our efforts". "Do you understand? Large".

Governor Justice reminded the crowd that he predicted the return of coal demand in late 2016, before Trump had been elected.

Justice said he's met with Trump twice in the Oval Office since he became president. "Listen to me and listen good". It just makes them feel better when they have nothing else to talk about.

"I think we've seen a lot of people switching to Republican", Speaker of the House Tim Armstead (R) told Cowger Nation.

While grand juries hear evidence and sometimes decline to hand up indictments, it now looks unlikely that Mueller will "simply submit a report to Congress and allow the political process to digest his findings", Ohlin said.

Trump's rhetoric and behavior have often defied prediction and logic, and history suggests his comparatively moderate approach on Thursday night could yet be followed by a scorching tweet storm or an assault on Mueller's character and position.

Justice told Kercheval he's excited to work with Republicans.

Fittingly, he made the announcement in Huntington, West Virginia, at the James C. Justice National Scout Camp, which was named for him.

"Along the way, (Senate President) Mitch Carmichael and I worked terrifically together", Justice told Kercheval. How is the federal probe into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election robbing people in West Virginia of their hopes and dreams, exactly? Senator Joe Manchin and state treasurer John Perdue will be the remaining statewide elected Democrats. "Governor Justice, welcome back to the Republican Party".

"Across America, voters have put their faith in the Republican Party because we are the party fighting to give every individual the opportunity to achieve the American dream", McDaniel said in the release.

Trump overwhelmingly won the state in the November election, besting Democrat Hillary Clinton by a 42-point margin, partly due to his promises to revive a slumping coal industry. "The debts have only worsened during Justice's term as governor. He will always put his financial interests above the needs of West Virginians". BUT, Justice also said if Manchin was not going to run, he wanted to. However, the report said, decrease in demand for West Virginia coal will continue and lead to output shrinking below 80 million tons by 2030 for reasons that include the declining use of coal by domestic power plants linked to timing of low natural gas prices and stricter emissions standards, weak export demand and declining productivity from southern West Virginia. "We won because millions of patriotic Americans voted to take back their country". "I haven't changed who Jim Justice is".

Justice said he had been contemplating the switch for about a month. "I have been and always will be a proud West Virginia Democrat", Manchin said.

Justice's defection to the Republican party means that out of the country's 50 governors, only 15 - 30 percent - are Democrats. Republicans now control both the governors' mansions and state legislatures in 26 states. "Jim Justice is a strong candidate with a record of creating jobs for working families and investing in West Virginia communities".

Delegate Mick Bates, D-Raleigh, said he was surprised at the announcement.

"I can definitely understand why there's so much debate over the issue, because it truly affects everybody". A person's policies and principles matter more to the people I represent than party or political affiliation.