White House leaks are 'threatening national security', Jeff Sessions says

Sunday, 06 Aug, 2017

There are leaks, and then there are leaks.

US President Donald Trump's chances of speaking freely to foreign leaders on the phone are all but gone, writes Nick O'Malley. There were testy moments.

Far from being criticized for publishing these leaked transcripts, The Washington Post should be commended.

Congress should investigate how transcripts of phone calls involving President Trump and his Australian and Mexican counterparts were leaked to the press, the Senate Intelligence Committee's top Democrat said Thursday.

Trevor Timm, the executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, wrote the publishing of leaks has "led to White House dismissals, reversals of unsafe policies, investigations, and a dip in public support for the administration".

DAVID FOLKENFLIK, BYLINE: Oh, it's a deluge.

Trump tweeted: "I love the White House, one of the most handsome buildings (homes) I have ever seen". I think you've seen leaks that have played out because there's incredible factionalism between people affiliated more with Steve Bannon or with, for a while, Reince Priebus until he left as chief of staff or Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior adviser.

But the 71-year-old president - and Obama before him - might have been wiser to take shorter vacations.

"The president makes all the personnel decision here", said Conway. Journalists will always say that leaks are the way to do great reporting.

Some of his public events seem geared to his base of voters, rather than the American people as a whole, as evidenced by his most recent rally in West Virginia. This is getting risky, folks.

Construction of the White House was completed in 1800 and it has been the home of US Presidents ever since. Sacking Anthony Scaramucci sent a message.

'I don't think any of you would like to be in the West Wing in an August D.C. summer day when it's over 100 degrees with no air conditioning, ' said Walters. I could hear Andrew Feinberg, a reporter who quit Sputnik, the Russian propaganda outlet, a couple months ago yell out, "But you won!"

The Department of Homeland Security says it is conducting a privacy impact assessment to evaluate privacy risks from the drone's surveillance and image-capturing capabilities.

RT: How damaging is it to United States national security that the president's confidential phone calls are leaked? If there's a reason we shouldn't publish, let us know.

"Leakers and whistleblowers within the US government - coupled with aggressive investigative journalism - have given the public a revealing view inside the Trump White House and it's is one of the only things holding the administration accountable", he wrote.

To date, Trump has fired three officials who were investigating him - FBI director James Comey, New York state US attorney Preet Bharara, and acting head of the US Department of Justice Sally Yates.

The story recounts a scene in which Trump was chatting with some club members at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. We shouldn't forget that President Obama eight times used the Espionage Act to go after such leaks.