Lawyer says Taylor Swift had no reason to lie about groping

Thursday, 10 Aug, 2017

Lawyers also asked the potential jurists if they had seen any images of the DJ groping Swift, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Due to this, David filed a lawsuit seeking $3 million in damages, claiming that Taylor's allegations cost him his job and damaged his professional reputation.

Mueller has been accused of sexually assaulting the singing superstar during a photo opportunity before a concert in 2013, and Swift claims that she is "certain" she was assaulted. Since Swift made her allegations, the white-haired plaintiff, wearing a dark suit and a black tie, his voice occasionally cracking, told the court, "I want to clear my name". Swift raised her chin a little, looking exasperated.

Borrowing a line from one of her songs, workers put up a sign in support of pop singer Taylor Swift in the window of an office building across the street from the federal courthouse in Denver.

Everyone in the picture is smiling, and Mueller's right hand is hidden behind Swift.

On the first day of the trial, the jury, made up of two men and six women, were shown the photograph of the alleged assault, which took place on June 2 in 2013.

In his opening statement, Mueller's lawer David McFarland said his client's hand "is not underneath Miss Swift's skirt, and her skirt is not rumpled in any fashion". Mr. Mueller was also in attendance, although the pair did not look at each other during the process. The final jury has yet to be selected, but numerous 60 candidates were dismissed for various reasons, including one who said that Swift was being "petty and dishonest". In turn, Swift is also suing for a monetary amount - but it is far less than what the former DJ is asking.

After the alleged incident, Swift told both her mother and her management team-including radio promotions manager Frank Bell-what had happened. Swift is expected to testify.

Swift wore a white dress with a black jacket on Monday as the eight-member jury is chosen from a pool of 60 prospects. Her only visible jewelry was a silver ring, and she had swept her hair (back to dirty blond, not the bleached platinum it was earlier this year) into a low bun.

And if Swift is awarded additional damages, she plans to donate the money to causes "dedicated to protecting women from similar acts of sexual assault and personal disregard" (per CNN). "A woman gets assaulted, a woman reports it, and she gets sued", Baldridge asked jurors.

Swift countersued Mueller, claiming sexual assault.

A photo published by the TMZ celebrity news website showing Swift posing between Mueller and his girlfriend is expected to be among the key pieces of evidence.

"He wants to make the victim pay the price", Baldridge said of Mueller.

"I accept that", Mueller says.

After the photo was taken, Taylor thanked them and she and Mueller shook hands, he testified.

Baldridge consistently forced Mueller to thumb back through a years-old deposition he did of Mueller, and forced Mueller to admit that he had said things in the past, under sworn oath, that he seemed hesitant to talk about in court Tuesday-including his thoughts on Swift's feelings toward him that evening when he entered the meet-and-greet room.