Giant inflatable chicken hangs out near White House lawn

Friday, 11 Aug, 2017

Taran Singh Brar, a Californian native, took full responsibility for the oversized bird.

A group placed a large inflatable chicken with orange hair near White House Wednesday.

The huge inflatable chicken imitating Trump was spotted on the Ellipse between the White House and Washington Monument on August 9, the Daily Mail reported.

However, it is unlikely to bother President Trump too much as he is out of town on a "working vacation".

In an interview with the publication, Singh Brar said: "He's too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Vladimir Putin".

The giant inflatable has a coif of golden hair and hand gestures similar to that of President Trump.

The rooster was previously used as a form of protest for Trump to release his tax returns.

And the chicken was ruling the roost on social media as #TrumpChicken was the top trend on Twitter in US. The likeness to the president is coincidence and unintended, and the inflatables were originally hatched as an attraction in Chinese shopping malls to celebrate the new year. Trump, however, has missed the chicken protest as he has been staying at his golf course in Bed minster, New Jersey.

The 30-foot-tall fowl - outfitted with President Donald Trump's hairstyle - was on the grass between the South Lawn and Constitution Avenue.

TV images showed the giant white chicken tethered to the Ellipse facing the White House.