Here's How Much Money Kylie Jenner Made Before She Turned 20

Friday, 11 Aug, 2017

Kylie Jenner re-evaluates her selfies if she gets bad feedback online. "She's incredible.'" Meanwhile, Kylie herself admitted she initially "didn't really know" what her "vision" for the line was, but now she's so far down the line, she's having fun releasing new additions to the collection all the time.

The birthday girl shared the sculpture to her Snapchat in the early hours of Thursday. In fact, Kylie would rather sport her sweats and Heelys roller sneakers over the body-con, Instagram-ready outfits she's now known for.

According to Perez Hilton, Kylie Jenner became popular when she was also introduced to the people and fans through the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".

Kylie Jenner officially only has one more year to go before she's legal.

The brunette beauty has collaborated with sisters Khloe and Kim Kardashian on separate collections.

For her special night, Kylie dressed down in a white tank mini-dress beneath a matching hoodie and sneakers.

Posing with a bag of Dippin" Dots: Kylie and her 21-year-old model sibling are being sued over their $125 "Rap vs.

Kylie released her first three items on November 30, 2015; they were the Dolce K, Candy K and True Brown K Lip Kits. Two years ago, they collectively landed a $70 million deal with E!, and it was estimated last year that Kylie personally pulls in $4,000 for each episode.

One tweeter wrote: "I love Kylie but she just said "I didn't get to grow up normal it's just so hard".well paying bills is hard we can switch".

Who knew lip kits could be so lucrative? But that's not me'.

The social media superstar treated her millions of Instagram followers by gifting them with her latest near-nude photo. She also added that there is this false side of her which the public see against the Kylie when with friends and family.

Life of Kylie wasn't exactly the huge hit everyone - including Kylie! - thought it would be.