New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Images Land

Friday, 11 Aug, 2017

"It's time for the Jedi to end...' I mean, that's a pretty fantastic statement for someone who was the symbol of hope and optimism in the original films", before going on to say, "When I first read it, my jaw dropped", the actor says.

And the pull of the past, albeit a more recent past, will have an equally intimate pull on Luke Skywalker as it does on Star Wars fans.

Other little details have slipped through here and there, but there's not been much for fans to see - and clearly that's the way Lucasfilm likes it, the big tease. At the end of 2015 film, we see Rey locate Luke and climb up the mountain. Ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi later this year, Hamill, Ridley, and writer/director Rian Johnson sat down with Entertainment Weekly for a lengthy interview. "It had to be something where Luke Skywalker believes he's doing the right thing... and the process of figuring out what that is and unpacking it is the journey for Rey".

Meanwhile, Kelly Marie Tran's new character Rose Tico is also ready to make a big splash - especially in Finn's (John Boyega) life.

"Poe Dameron is super cool". She's not the best. "That was really interesting to me, the notion of putting this small army under a lot of external pressure and showing some of the results within the Resistance itself".

Some new Star Wars: The Last Jedi photos have been released, and we are learning a lot more about Finn's trauma and how he can not escape fighting for The Resistance.

It was Lourd who blamed a lifetime of drug dependency and mental health issues for the death of her mother two days after Christmas previous year at the age of 60. In Empire, it was a visit to Billy Dee Williams's Lando Calrissian in Cloud City; in Last Jedi, Finn and Rose will head to "the casino metropolis of Canto Bight, on the world of Cantonica". "It's like Vegas with aliens".

Seems like the Oscar-winner is an unreliable narrator here, but maybe he's just staying true to his character. We know that he tried to rebuild the Jedi Order by training a new group of students in the ways of the Force and that it backfired horribly.

"I just tried to kind of ignore that aspect of it and have the story take the shape that it needed to", Johnson told E.W. But look, Rey is off in a remote location with a Jedi master. By its very nature, there are some structural parallels. “While I was figuring out what her deal was going to be in this film, its one of the things I talked about with Carrie before I started writing: where the character would go.”.