Overwatch Is Getting a Deathmatch Arcade Mode Along with a New Map

Saturday, 12 Aug, 2017

Of course, numerous existing maps in Overwatch weren't designed for deathmatches, so Blizzard has tweaked many of them for this new mode. The other mode is Team Deathmatch, which pits two teams of six against each other, with the first team to 30 kills getting the victory.

"We've made several modifications to many of these maps (including restricting play to a specific area and developing a special respawn system) when playing in these modes", Blizzard added.

They'll be able to beat everyone without having to work with others in a new game mode: Deathmatch.

Interestingly, Overwatch's deathmatch mode will be a little unconventional compared to what players are used to. He explained that there will be two types of Deathmatch - individual and for teams - which will give more variety to the gameplay offered by the first person shooter.

But don't be jumping onto Battle.net to patch the game just yet - the new mode and map is now only available in the Public Test Region for PC users. In addition, new maps have been brought in that were designed specifically for Free-for-All. However, the top four players will all receive win credits toward the weekly loot boxes. The modes will be a free-for-all Deathmatch and a Team Deathmatch. Free-for-all Deathmatch will be you against seven other players. For now, and as always, both modes remain in testing on the PTR and will be pushed to the live servers via an update whenever Blizzard is good and ready. As per the latest Developer Update video Blizzard has spent time to ensure that these modes aren't simple throwaways. As such, the previous stance against Overwatch Deathmatch was reversed.

Deathmatch will also contain a series of maps which have been slightly modified for the new mode, as well as a brand new map, Chateau Guillard.