President Trump Says He Might Pardon Former Arizona Sheriff

Wednesday, 16 Aug, 2017

In response to a Fox News story about Trump possibly pardoning disgraced former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Twitter user Mike Holden wrote that he wasn't surprised that Trump would do such a thing because "he's a fascist".

This past July, a federal court found Arpaio guilty of criminal contempt for defying the court order to stop profiling Latinos in Maricopa County. Trump praised the former sheriff and his tough stance on immigration.

Trump, who deleted his retweet without explanation, has called Arpaio a "great American patriot".

Amid the heightened tensions after the violence in Charlottesville, President Donald Trump announces that he is "seriously considering" pardoning former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio should be sentenced October 5th and expects only six months in jail.

His Democratic successor, Sheriff Paul Penzone, pledged to close the "Tent City" jail, in which Arpaio housed inmates outdoors in the scorching Arizona heat.

Arpaio was found guilty of criminal contempt last month after he was ordered to stop racially profiling Latinos in his Maricopa County office. "Why he re-tweeted it is beyond me, but maybe he got a taste of his own medicine".

Trump made the pardon revelation to Fox News while at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The President's retweet wasn't the first time Mr Trump has shared a post making explicit reference to fascism.

However, he suggested the exchange did prove that the US President actively reads the replies to his tweets: "My reply went to him and to Fox, who he was RTing, so I assume that's how he saw it - he's not following me!"

Arpaio, a vocal supporter of Trump during the 2016 election, was known for his aggressive enforcement of immigration laws.

The ex-sheriff said he was surprised the president was aware of his legal problems when asked about the possible pardon. 'I am seriously thinking about it'.

Trump's unintentional RT prompted Holden, a Brit from northern England, to revel in the glory of the gaffe.

Arpaio has maintained his innocence since the outset of his trial, but also said that he would accept a pardon from the president if offered. Chelsea Manning was a notorious example from the closing days of Obama's presidency; Bill Clinton's Marc Rich pardon remains notorious almost 20 years later. To commemorate the moment, Holden changed his Twitter bio - which now reads, "Officially Endorsed by the President of the United States".