'We'll see what happens' with Bannon

Среда, 16 Авг, 2017

Colbert, who has been mercilessly roasting President Donald Trump ever since he announced his bid for presidency, showed Scaramucci the widely popular photo of him and Priebus glaring at each other in the Oval Office.

Stephen Colbert on his desk Wednesday announced about an upcoming exclusive interview on Monday.

Colbert immediately called him out for that specific statement, saying: "Who cares?" "I'm not allowed to joke anymore".

Scaramucci gave ABC his first interview since he was sacked as communications director in late July, just 11 days into his post.

Sitting down for an interview with host Stephen Colbert, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said that if he was calling the shots, White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon would be out of the job. What happens there is people don't do that.

Scaramucci parted by saying he'd recommend former members of the administration and Trump himself to come on "The Late Show".

"Well, we'll see", Trump said at a news conference at Trump Tower in New York City when asked if he still had confidence in Bannon.

"He should have been harsher on that", Scaramucci said.

In a similar vein, the Huffington Post listed all the things Trump tweeted about before specifically condemning white supremacists. Scaramucci then later reiterated the point that Trump did condemn the Nazis on Monday. "Two days later!" Colbert said. Does he order his spine on Amazon Prime? Colbert asked. "Why did it take so long?" "If it was up to me, he would be gone, but it's not up to me", Scaramucci said. "He's got to move in a more moderate direction, he's got to appeal to people that are independent and moderates that possibly voted for him to help him ascend to the presidency".

It was Scaramucci's second televised interview since being fired from the Trump administration. "He's responsible", Colbert pressed.

He's really leaning in to this whole disgraced White House thing!

Bannon, 63, has consistently denied harboring sympathies for white supremacists. I like him, he's a good man, he's not a racist.

'What I don't like is the toleration of it, for me it's something that should not be tolerated, ' Scaramucci continued. But, like everything Scaramucci does, it was totally and completely watchable.