Bomb attack hits Shia mosque in Kabul, 20 killed

Saturday, 26 Aug, 2017

At least two people were killed as terrorists attacked a mosque in Afghanistan's capital Kabul city on Friday, media reports said.

"We can confirm that 10 people, including five women, were killed and 23 others sustained injuries in the attack", a police official said.

An armed group claiming allegiance to the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP) reportedly claimed responsibility.

In its claim of responsibility, the Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan said through its Aamaq news agency that two of its fighters carried out the assault, seeking martyrdom.

The attackers, reportedly wearing police uniforms, initiated the assault with a grenade attack and then entered the mosque and fired on worshipers.

A mother arrived at the security cordon, wailing and begging the police to let her proceed toward the mosque.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani condemned the violence and said the militants were turning to attacking places of worship because they were losing on the battlefield.

Over 80 others were wounded in the attack and meanwhile more than 100 others were rescued, the sources said. While he did not give specifics, senior USA officials have said that he might send up to 3,900 more troops, with some deployments beginning nearly immediately.

While the fierce gun battle was underway, another explosion occurred close to Imam Zaman Mosque.

Jamil says that Afghan security forces have surrounded the mosque but are not advancing or pushing into it to prevent more casualties. There has been no immediate comment from the Taliban.

This comes as the Taliban group had earlier rejected role in the attack.

More than a dozen ambulances arrived on the site, where the security forces were also deployed in numbers.