Mexico's peso weakens after Trump says he may kill NAFTA

Sunday, 27 Aug, 2017

Trump has long used "dominance" to describe his approach to negotiating.

"Free trade and a productive partnership with Mexico are both good for Texas and our country", Straus said in a written statement.

He has since ordered a re-negotiation and the first five-day round of the those talks has taken place, ending this past Sunday.

The only surprise is how quickly it came. "Because we have been so badly taken advantage of". Echoing those sentiments, officials in Mexico and Canada appear anxious to keep a trade deal with the United States, arguing that the agreement should not be shelved, while admitting that it needs updating to better fit changing economies. "So I think we'll end up probably terminating Nafta at some point", Mr. Trump said during a speech Tuesday night in Phoenix.

Suggesting a termination might help jumpstart the negotiations, Trump added: "I personally don't think you can make a deal without a termination". Many supporters on the other hand, argue that the deal is "good" for the USA economy, especially American consumers, who allegedly benefit from cheaper products.

He's made the threat numerous times, but this is the first time he's done it since Canada, the USA and Mexico began talks last week.

Mexico's foreign minister also shrugged off the Trump tirade as par for the course, initially tweeting that Mexico would remain at the table, calm and firm in Mexico's national interest.

Young said he didn't think making threats to withdraw as a negotiating tactic is a good idea. It's his main source of power to force the other countries to reach an agreement.

Canada brushed off suggestions that Trump's threats would disrupt the talks.

"The actions by his trade team are measured" he said. In an interview several weeks ago, Robert Holleyman said it was a serious tactical error when Trump made the threat in April.

In this case, however, the entire NAFTA renegotiation process is happening only because Donald Trump campaigned on doing it and insisted on formally triggering the treaty's renegotiation provision back in mid-May. "We certainly can't afford to walk away from NAFTA".

"You do that at the 11th hour in the negotiation - not at the throat-clearing stage ..." "I agree with our USA senators that NAFTA should be updated and not terminated, and I think even threatening to terminate is not in the best interest of the Texas economy". It's credited with fostering a rapid rise in commerce and closer diplomatic ties among the three countries, but the agreement has long fueled heated criticism in the US because it led some American-based manufacturers to move operations south of the border to capitalize on lower-wage Mexican labour. In a press release the group said, "Under NAFTA and its forerunner, the Canada-US FTA, farm input costs have gone up and inflation-adjusted commodity prices have dropped, yet the farmer's share of the grocery dollar is smaller". "We work very well with the federal government in this folder-there", she said.

NDP global trade critic Tracy Ramsey also said the Liberals need to get some reassurances from the Americans they are bargaining in good faith, but be prepared for things to go off the rails. As Max Fisher reported in June, "Canadian officials have fanned out across the United States, meeting with mayors, governors, members of Congress and business leaders on matters from trade to the environment".