American Red Cross provides food, shelter to those in need during hurricane

Monday, 28 Aug, 2017

Meantime, Red Cross volunteers from Chicago are already assisting in the disaster zone.

The Centers for Disease Control has prepared two 250-bed Federal Medical Stations in Baton Rouge, La., which are prepared to be deployed to other locations, according to HHS. "This is the time for folks to come together to support one another", said Brad Kieserman, vice president of Disaster Services Operations and Logistics for the Red Cross.

Hurricane Harvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm, and one fatality has been confirmed as of Saturday afternoon.

As Texas feels the wrath of Hurricane Harvey, groups of volunteers and other organizations in Pennsylvania are traveling to the Lone Star State to lend a hand.

"I have an idea what to expect, but each situation is different", Morgan said.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the east Texas coast north of Corpus Christi Friday night as a devastating Category 4 storm.

As waters continue to rise in Houston and surrounding towns, local American Red Cross volunteers are making their way down to Texas to help. More Hawaiʻi volunteers are on standby to possibly deploy.

Donations will help to get supplies for 20,000 people, hot meals, bleach to help clean mold from houses and clean up kits. "And as it begins to settle down more the Red Cross people begin going out to do damage assessments", Hendrix said.

Red Cross volunteers are headed from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to those states all weekend, along with emergency response vehicles.

"This is a city that trains for this kind of event, plans for this kind of event, and unfortunately we've also had some experience with these kinds of events, so we're ready", Adler said.

"As in past deployments, we trust they will do great good in bringing relief by those impacted by Hurricane Harvey", he said.