Game of Thrones frozen lake sequence was filmed in Wolf Hill Quarry

Monday, 28 Aug, 2017

Petty wars may have dominated Game Of Thrones since the beginning of time - but as we get down to business time, it's become evidently clear that it's shaping up to be a battle between the living and the dead. Politics, loyalty and betrayal are all fair game when it comes to gaining, and maintaining control, of the throne. It was evident that she would help him fight the White Walkers and it was expected that she and her dragons would always be unstoppable, but now the situation has changed. Without giving anything away to those who may not have seen it yet, part of the episode was filmed on a frozen lake...or was it? How does he seem to know what's going on, and why does he seem to have limited mastery of both space and time?

With just seven episodes to go before the epic HBO fantasy show wraps up, theories have filled the internet since the trailer aired last week with one suggesting Kit Harington's Jon will discover his true heritage. Shortly before the Night King takes down Viserion, there's a shot of the rest of the White Walkers seated on horseback behind him. Wylis' conversion into Hodor had nothing to do with Bran directly, merely with Hodor hearing Meera scream "Hold the door" while Bran stood too close.

But where did the White Walkers get those chains? This detail has huge implications for the story. Luckily, a new theory about the Night King's abilities has emerged, and it's so convincing that we desperately need it to be canon. From there, you'll be able to experience exactly what it feels like to sport the "icy visage" of the leader of the White Walkers. The white walkers each had one when they arrived, yet took no motion to kill out heroes, despite their superb accuracy.

In a nutshell, according to these theories, Bran keeps travelling back and forth in time in a bid to fix things, and destroy the White Walkers once for all.

According to some fans, those two abilities - greensight and ability to warg - make Bran even more powerful to the Three-Eyed Raven.

It should. It's the same place the Hound envisions in the fire through the "Lord of Light"; the same "mountain shaped like an arrowhead" where the Children of the Forest created the Night King on the weirwood tree with a dragonglass dagger; the same spot where Jon Snow and his Suicide Squad eventually ended up surrounded by the WW army during the final act of "Beyond the Wall". One mad but plausible theory even suggests that little old Bran Stark is actually The Night King. Scroll up if you don't believe me.

How was the Night King made?

Titled The Dragon And The Wolf, Jon Snow will meet foe Cersei Lannister in the episode which will clock in at almost 80 minutes - the longest ever in the show's history. Honestly, if we can accept fire-breathing dragons, an army of the dead, and an incestual relationship, can't we just accept that chains are easily accessible? Fortunately, Sizzor19 pointed out on Reddit that a scene from the episode actually contains some pretty damning evidence about the Night King's greensight. He's not going to improvise his way through the wall, he knows how it's going to fall. Then, over the centuries the version of Bran trapped in the Night King's body bided his time to make sure events play out they way they're supposed to. Why?

The question is whether someone who can see into the future would ever allow himself to be put in that position.