Diana mourned on 20th death anniversary

Friday, 01 Sep, 2017

The 36-year-old princess died in the early hours of August 31, 1997.

Charity chiefs from organisations associated with Diana met the royals after their tour and Harry told one group of campaigners about how his mother's death was a tragedy for them as well as his family.

Years later Diana is still remembered.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of her death, we have delved through the archives to unearth some images of Diana's famous visit to High Wycombe in 1989. Kate Middleton, very chic and, as usual, was also at her husband's side, to bring him all their support.

Members of the public have been visiting the Palace where Diana had lived for more than 15 years after her separation and then divorce from Prince Charles, the heir to Britain's throne. "I said I was there to help and reassured her", Gourmelon said.

Head Gardener Sean Harkin led the royals on a walk around the grounds and pointed out a number of the late Princess' favourite flowers on the way, from lilies to white roses.

She captured the hearts of the British nation and of millions around the world and died tragically in a vehicle accident at the age of 36, but Lady Di's memory lives on: The industry that sells merchandise and paraphernalia in her memory makes millions of pounds annually, paparazzi and the gossip columns still follow her family and even the conspiracy theories are still making the rounds.

Moreover, still today, people are succumbing to know about Wearing Eagles jacket, dancing with John Travolta & other memories at Kensington Palace Memorial Garden with Prince William and Prince Harry: 20th death anniversary.

Millions more watched the event around the world, as the princess was laid to rest.

"The engagement will allow the princes to pay tribute to the life and work of their mother", Kensington Palace said in a statement.

While there are many conspiracy theories about Princess Diana's death, French investigators say driver Henri Paul was speeding and driving drunk. "In terms of press interest, in terms of the way the younger royals go about their job, so she is that lynch pin, she does still hold it together, she is still that focal point".