Majority describe Trump as a 'bully' who 'says what he thinks'

Saturday, 02 Sep, 2017

Traveling to Missouri, the home state of Democratic Sen. He urged voters to punish lawmakers who don't cooperate with him this fall.

When Republicans are questioning Trump's sanity, things are very bad. "Your senator, Claire McCaskill, she must do this for you".

"He's not even professional, let alone presidential", added Trump voter Christina Lees, an administrative assistant and an independent who leans towards the GOP.

If done right, tax reform will deliver new private-sector jobs, bolster the kind of investment that leads to long-term economic growth and lift workers' wages.

Republicans still have a vocal deficits-don't-matter faction that will push for large tax cuts that the Congressional Budget Office would score as fiscally ruinous.

Conservative St. Louis talk show host Jamie Allman then disparaged Danforth's column on the air as "awful" and "petty", and said it would be "close to impossible that I could ever get behind a Hawley candidacy for Senate with John Danforth around".

Trump has already spent more time under 40 percent than any other first-year president, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.

"I hope and I pray that he will make a paradigm shift", Sciullo said. "We Democrats will not go along with a tax plan that includes a tax cut for the folks who need it least".

Naturally, moderate Republicans question Trump's wisdom.

It's no secret that President Donald Trump has some loud critics. "Middle-class families have heard enough empty promises and rhetoric from Republicans". Meanwhile, dissatisfaction has jumped 11 points to 64%.

Trump has repeatedly called for national unity.

43 percent of respondents said that whites were given favorable treatment over minorities in America while 23 percent believed that minorities were treated better than whites.

He said cutting corporate tax is essential for the U.S. to regain its competitive edge.

Trump's partisan speech confirms other indications that his administration essentially has abandoned tax reform in favor of cuts.

"I don't want to be disappointed by Congress, do you understand me?" There's a reason why the last major overhaul was signed into law way back in 1986. Among Democrats, 89% have a negative view of Trump's conduct.

Treyz noted that that there are 41 Republican members of Congress from just five states whose residents are much more apt than other Americans to take advantage of personal tax deductions on mortgage interest, and on state and local taxes.

But he is not expected to offer a detailed proposal.

"So far, voters see Trump as sorely lacking the strong, compassionate, moral leadership necessary in these hard times". A similar point applies to taxes.

As Rich Lowry notes, the relationship between Donald Trump and the Republican Congress has grown more cantankerous. It won't surprise you to see about 6 in 10 (58 percent) don't like it; that tracks with the number of Americans who disapprove of Trump overall. Fifty-six percent of voters who like Trump's job capability hold both groups accountable equally, and another 15 percent blame the counter protesters. "We're going to change that around, folks". The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3%. So we're really on our way.

Republican support for the wall in general remains robust, with 39 percent calling it a "top priority" and an additional 30 percent saying it is an "important, but lower" one. Perdue said. "Consumer confidence is at a 16-year high, and many businesses are investing and creating more jobs than ever before".