Highway Patrol: Drive safely over Labor Day weekend

Sunday, 03 Sep, 2017

"Traffic volume increases by an average of 10 percent over the Labor Day weekend, making it the sixth most traveled holiday in Ohio", according to an August 31 news release from the Ohio Department of Transportation. They're conducting roadside safety checks and impaired-driving patrols.

"Labor Day weekend is a great opportunity to get together with friends and family".

"It looks like a bus, and it's sort of a mobile command center for the troopers who are deployed on the sobriety checkpoint", State Police spokeman Dave Procopio said.

MSP Alpena Post recommends all residents to have a designated driver if they know they are going to drink especially during Labor Day weekend.

Perhaps the most preventable risk of all is drunk driving.

A recent study by WalletHub.com found Georgia ranked second in the nation for the strictest DUI laws as state and local law-enforcement officers continue to maintain a zero-tolerance policy by taking all impaired drivers to jail, authorities said.

Crash Awareness and Reduction Efforts - troopers across MI, along with about 150 other law enforcement agencies in the state, will be part of the national safety campaign "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over". "Most have been 1 to 3 percent increases over previous holidays, and I think we'll see that this weekend".

During the 2016 Labor Day holiday weekend, there were 15 fatal crashes that killed 15 people - including one in Delaware County. Officers will be focusing on a few things, but removing impaired drivers from the roadways is the main focus. In turn, the holiday makes for one of the busiest driving weekends the entire year as millions of motorists nationwide are expected to be on the roadways.

Last year, Georgia state troopers investigated almost 500 crashes over the holiday period, which resulted in 8,225 tickets, 274 injuries and 10 deaths. Four of those fatalities were OVI-related and five fatalities resulted from not using safety belts.

Police stressed the importance of buckling up, avoiding distractions and staying sober.

Diaz says if you do plan on drinking over the Labor Day weekend, make sure to plan ahead and have a sober driver or taxi pick you up. "We also have troopers working overtime, looking for impaired drivers, distracted drivers, people not wearing their safety belts and, of course, speed, because speed's our No. 1 crash-causing violation".