Utah Officer on Leave After Arresting Nurse Who Did Her Job

Sunday, 03 Sep, 2017

She said that the officer needs serious training. "This is insane! This is insane", Wubbels is heard saying as she is being dragged out. The nurse was forced out of the hospital.

He then drags Wubbels outside as she screams. That's when she says the officer became physical. "Clearly this is an issue that is bigger than just me". And I am still confused. "I am sad at the rift this has caused between law-enforcement and the nurses we work so closely with". "A blood draw, it's just gets thrown around there like it's a simple thing, but blood is your blood". But blood is your blood.

Later on Friday, the patient's boss, who is the police chief of Rigby, Idaho Police, wanted to tell nurse Alex Wubbels "thanks" for protecting the rights of one of his reserve officers.

Wubbels even called her supervisor who warned Payne, "Sir, you're making a huge mistake because you're threatening a nurse". The driver of the truck was in a comatose state when he got to the hospital.

Payne and another officer are on administrative leave as internal investigators look into the incident.

Payne has been suspended from blood-draw duties but remains in his role as a detective in the investigations unit. Moreover, the driver was not facing criminal charges.

Alex Wubbels told KSL that Det.

The officer roughing her up has been identified as Detective Jeff Payne.

The footage shows Wubbels dressed in blue medical scrubs and consulting colleagues for several minutes before presenting waiting officers with a printout of the hospital's policy on sharing blood samples to test for alcohol or drugs. "The three things that allow us to do that are if you have an electronic warrant, patient consent, or patient under arrest".

Other officers on the scene did not intervene, and Wubbels was released hours later with no charges filed.

"It is important to remember that Officer Gray is the victim in this awful event, and that at no time was he under any suspicion of wrongdoing", the Rigby Police Department said in the statement.

A disturbing video shows a Salt Lake City hospital nurse being arrested while on the job. "We're going, we're done, we're done, I said we're done!" The mayor said it was the first time she had seen the video and the police chief said it was the first time he saw it in full, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.