Huawei debuts new Kirin 970 chip with advanced AI processing

Wednesday, 06 Sep, 2017

The Kirin 970, which will power forthcoming handsets, features an eight-core CPU and a 12-core GPU.

Huawei also recently announced the Kirin 970 processor and the company claim that it's the world's fastest mobile SoC. Aside from that, there's no word on what other phones will be powered by the chip or when we'll see on in the US.

The Chinese technology giant Huawei has officially unleashed its next generation mobile chip unprecedentedly powered by built-in artificial intelligence (AI) computing capabilities.

The newspaper added that the Mate 10 is set to compete against Apple for more profitable high-end phone market. The ultimate goal, Yu said, is to provide a significantly better user experience. Huawei's next mobile chip will have a dedicated on-board AI processor, and that chip is going to power the Huawei Mate 10 when it debuts next month.

On Saturday, Huawei's CEO Richard Yu took the stage at IFA in Berlin to introduce their new Kirin 970 system on a chip (SoC). Chief Executive of Huawei, Richard Yu revealed an upcoming new chip for their smartphones that, the company claims, will outrun the processors used in Apple's and Samsung's now used phones across the globe.

According to the announcement made by the company, many other future Huawei-branded devices will also sport the same chipset.

It is claimed that the Kirin 970 will deliver 25 times better CPU performance and 50 times greater energy efficiency, resulting in longer battery life.

Putting it in simple words, with this new chipset AI tasks would require lesser time and power. Notably, this chipset is based 10nm fabrication process and will be produced by the contract manufacturer TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company).

Huawei will launch the Mate 10 and its sister phone, the Mate 10 Pro, in Munich on October 16, Yu confirmed. The Kirin 970 is a successor to Kirin 960 and offers Octa-core solution with 4 A73 cores clocked at 2.4 GHz and 4 A53 cores clocked at 1.8 GHz.

It seems like Huawei is not that far away from surpassing Samsung and Apple after all, at least in terms of hardware specs.