Food firms' 'alarm' at leaked 'plans' to curb migrants

Thursday, 07 Sep, 2017

"We would want assurances that teachers will be considered as highly-skilled workers", she told Schools Week, adding that "some of the conversations" about immigration are making the United Kingdom a less attractive place to teach. It will also place tough restrictions on their rights to bring their family members over with them - possibly splitting up thousands of families.

"So there's always a balance to be struck".

The document was leaked an hour after Brexit Secretary David Davis was laughed at in the Commons for saying no-one had claimed European Union negotiations would be "simple or easy".

Leaked documents revealing draft proposals for Britain's future immigration policy have met with a mixed response, with many businesses warning that tighter restriction could see employers struggle to meet staffing demands.

Sir Michael said Home Secretary Amber Rudd would bring forward finalised proposals on immigration later this year.

Yesterday's leaked Home Office document on immigration has drawn a lot of attention, as the first concrete insight into Whitehall thinking for a post-Brexit immigration system.

Among the ideas set out, the 82-page document suggests low-skilled migrants would be offered residency for a maximum of two years while those in "high-skilled occupations" would be granted permits to work for a longer period of three to five years.

The policy paper says there is "virtually no limit" on who could qualify for a family member under European Union rules, and proposes that only direct family members should count, such as children and adult dependants.

A person in Whitehall familiar with the document said it was an "old version" and there had since been "more drafts", adding that the proposals had not yet been endorsed by ministers and were subject to negotiations with the EU.

All EU citizens would be required to travel on a passport rather than the national identity cards that are now allowed.

Interim Ukip leader Steve Crowther said the paper "takes the right line", but Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas said: "The Government's post-Brexit immigration crackdown isn't just economically illiterate, it's plainly cruel too".

Following a series of questions from Jeremy Corbyn about low wages and executive pay, which avoided any mention of Brexit, the prime minister was quizzed by Ian Blackford, leader of the SNP's Westminster group. So who's going to do the work after Brexit controls?

Shadow home affairs secretary Diane Abbott confined herself to saying that Labour will judge the eventual white paper against its goal of "fair rules and reasonable management of migration".

But pro-Remain MP Alison McGovern said the document reflected a " mean and cynical approach" by the Government "which is already deterring people from coming here". "If it becomes so, we will judge it against the criteria we have laid out".

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan attacked the plans in a tweet, calling them a "blueprint on how to strangle our economy", and "wrong for London and for Britain".

The government aims to create a digital portal where employers and public service providers can check people's immigration status "and take action if necessary".

Mr Davis is expected to make a House of Commons statement on withdrawal talks today as MPs return from the summer parliamentary recess, with the British government facing Brexit battles on multiple fronts.