Marvel, Star Wars Films Will Be Exclusive to Disney's Streaming Service

Friday, 08 Sep, 2017

Netflix has been ramping up its original offerings in an effort to reduce their dependency on licensing content like Disney hits Zootopia, Finding Dory, and Rogue One.

'U.S. Netflix members will have access to Disney films on the service through the end of 2019, including all new films that are shown theatrically through the end of 2018, ' the company said in a statement.

Last month, Disney announced that it would be pulling a number of Disney titles from the Netflix catalog.

Obviously, this is another blow to Netflix, who was originally set to host all the new Disney movies, including Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar, through at least 2020.

When Walt Disney Co. launches its long-awaited stand alone streaming service in 2019, it will take all of its Marvel and "Star Wars" films with it.

Disney had announced its plans to create a streaming service last month, but Iger said at the time that they were unsure whether the Marvel and "Star Wars" films would be featured on it.

As reported by Coming Soon, Disney CEO Bob Iger recently spoke at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2017 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference and gave some details on the still pretty mysterious, unnamed Disney streaming service. Disney films weren't part of the string of bombs that littered July and August, and he said the studio's movies are much more suited to paying for that big screen experience than the products of some more prolific movie houses.

Mr. Iger also said Thursday that Disney is feeling some financial impact from Hurricane Irma. That refers to a collaboration between Disney and Netflix to produce several live-action television series based on lesser-known Marvel characters Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage.

That decision sends an "all-in" signal to industry observers wondering just how big Disney's streaming goals might be.

Netflix stock dropped more than 5 percent upon announcement of the news.