South Korean officials warn of missile test on rogue state's founding day

Saturday, 09 Sep, 2017

"THAAD's deployment was a hard yet inevitable decision by the government that has the obligation to safeguard the national security and protect the lives and safety of the people in response to the sophistication of North Korea's nuclear and missile programs", Lee added in a government meeting according to Yonhap.

"If we do use it on North Korea, it will be a very sad day for North Korea".

China is by far North Korea's biggest trading partner, accounting for 92 percent of two-way trade a year ago. "It doesn't seem much time is left before North Korea achieves its complete nuclear armament", told the prime minister in Seoul on Thursday.

North Korea says it needs its weapons to protect itself from US aggression and regularly threatens to destroy the United States.

"I would prefer not going the route of the military, but it's something certainly that could happen", Trump said at a press conference.

On Thursday and Friday, the US and South Korea are set to conduct a joint anti-submarine drill, Yonhap news agency reported.

The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC) said it had been conducting tests on land, air and water samples since shortly after the North Korean nuclear test on Sunday.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump warned catastrophic action against Pyongyang, if the latter continues to provoke Washington and its allies in the Korean peninsula.

The launchers were transported by U.S. Forces Korea vehicles to Seongju County under the cover of darkness early morning Thursday.

Several analysts warned that the deployment could give China a reason not to support new United Nations sanctions, which may include cutting off North Korea's oil supply, most of which comes from China.

Dr Lee Seong Hyon of the Sejong Institute think-tank said China does not believe sanctions can solve the North Korean problem, but "feels compelled to show the image (of itself) as a responsible power". Around 8,000 South Korean police officers broke up a blockade of about 300 anti-THAAD villagers and civic groups, leaving more than 30 people injured in the clash, Reuters reported on Thursday.

Moon, who was elected in May after a corruption scandal engulfed his predecessor, Park Guen-hye, bringing about her impeachment, still enjoys great popularity among South Koreans.

As a relatively easy way to prevent Kim Jong-un from taking 50 million South Koreans as hostages, our government must persuade the U.S government and the Congress to approve of redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons which Uncle Sam withdrew from South Korea at the end of 1991.