Harvey One of the Most Costliest Hurricanes in US History

Wednesday, 13 Sep, 2017

This is the first time two Atlantic Category 4 hurricanes have ever been recorded to make landfall in the US during the same year.

But Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics, said rebuilding from the back-to-back storms will boost the USA economy in the fourth quarter of this year and into 2018.

Florida has experienced the most Category 4 or stronger landfalls with 13, while Texas is second with 7 landfalls of that intensity.

The one-two punch delivered within the space of a few weeks by Irma and Hurricane Harvey, which deposited a whopping 33 trillion gallons of rain over four states, has sparked renewed interest in the relationship between climate change and extreme weather.

The Environmental Protection Agency's Scott Pruitt went one step further when asked about climate change Friday, suggesting that it wasn't appropriate.

Typical GOP. Only when they are suddenly faced with the costs of the damage from climate change-driven flooding are they finally going to maybe think about bringing up admitting that it's a problem.

Hurricanes Irma barreled across Florida over the weekend with damaging winds and rainfall as the now weakened tropical storm continues to move through the area. "This is truly, truly poster child for what is to come".

The abstractness of climate change might be hard to grasp, but the unbridled development in Houston and Texas is anything but.

Hurricane Harvey came ashore in Texas on August 25, becoming the first major hurricane to make landfall in the USA since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Unless we take steps to keep fossil fuels in the ground and plan for a changing world, more people will lose their homes or their lives. In short, the word "natural disaster" doesn't entirely cover how it is human beings have chose to put more and more people in harm's way. Harvey was the first major storm to hit the coastline in more than a decade.

"The potential economic impact from a retail perspective is now, we're estimating, as $2.75 billion", Gold said. "We have to be prepared". We got [Hurricane] Jose in the back and we got Katia.

MR. BOSSERT: Well I don't know if I say either, but I do note that there is a cyclical nature of a lot of these hurricane seasons.