United Kingdom foreign minister Johnson says he will not resign

Thursday, 21 Sep, 2017

Their schedules do not coincide until Wednesday when Mr Johnson is due to be in the audience for Mrs May's formal address to the United Nations, and he is not due to join the PM at a reception for Commonwealth leaders on Tuesday evening, the spokesman said. James Slack, told reporters in NY.

May will brief the cabinet on the details of her Florence speech on Thursday, which is seen as an attempt to force the European Union to allow talks to move on to the next stage.

"Where our lawyers say we are on the hook for stuff, then we are going to have to pay".

And on Tuesday Mrs May added that the Cabinet was "absolutely clear about the destination we are aiming for".

It is understood that May's speech will avoid discussing the finer details of a future UK-EU relationship, which would leave the door open for either of the options reportedly favoured by different members of the cabinet.

News is looking for people to submit short videos of themselves reacting to news stories, expressing their opinions and speaking about Brexit. He gave an upbeat assessment of the UK's "glorious" future after the split.

May has called a special cabinet meeting for Thursday morning, when she is expected to brief ministers about what she will say in Florence - and ensure they fall in line.

She also confirmed that Downing Street had not given Mr Johnson's magnum-opus the go-ahead.

Mr Johnson's manoeuvres have thrown the plans for her speech into disarray.

It is thought she will try to use the speech to break the deadlock in Brexit negotiations with Brussels. Instead she may have to protect her flank against attacks from euroskeptics. Colleagues including Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, who wants to maintain ties to Europe and was previously shut out by Mrs May, have now gained greater clout.

Even though Mr Johnson tried to draw the sting out of the controversy by claiming "we are a nest of singing birds", such a vainglorious Brexiteer must have known that his provocative article in the Daily Telegraph would create the impression that he's on political manoeuvres of his own.

One source close to Johnson said the Telegraph's claims that a resignation could be imminent were nonsense and "totally made-up". "Unfortunately after the general election it's hard for her to sack him".

The prime minister is seeking to defy gloomy expectations about Brexit and show solid progress by the end of the week.

"We are working together, that is the key thing, to make sure that Britain can take advantage of the opportunities of Brexit".