Coolest Apple iOS 11 Features That You Might Have Missed

Friday, 22 Sep, 2017

But iOS 11 has the potential to leave iPhone and iPad users unable to access their favourite apps if they are old and no longer supported by developers. It's a change Apple has been signaling for months, starting with the removal of outdated apps earlier this year and, more recently, adding a dialog box to 32-bit apps warning users that the end is nigh.

The software is freely available for Apple customers and will arrive with a range of improvements on the previous operating system.

Apple has made multitudes of changes to the way things work on its devices, calling this update "a giant step for iPhone".

"Hundreds of millions of people can now experience AR apps on iPhone and iPad and view virtual content on top of real-world scenes for interactive gaming, immersive shopping experiences, industrial design and more", Apple said.

Multitasking has also become a lot easier with this new update. There will be an "Auto-Brightness" section and inside there you will be able to turn the auto-brightness feature off. You also can choose the Bounce effect in order to make the clip go forward and backward and then forward once again. At that time, Apple pressured developers to start taking advantage of the faster chip technology, but still allowed 32-bit apps to be developed and brought to its App Store. As of this morning, I was presented with a list of about 30 apps, mostly forgotten games and random utilities that iOS has yet to replace.

iOS 11 brings new features like a customizable control center and a Do Not Disturb while driving. However, with iOS 11, iPads are inching closer to replacing PCS and laptops rather than just being extra large iPhones. As the feature's name implies, iPad owners will be able to run more than one app at the same time without hindering their device's processing speed at all. It looks like for the recently-released iOS 11, some issues have already been discovered with sending emails using or Exchange using the Mail app.

It is also important to note that not all Apple devices are compatible with the update.