Gaga: Five Foot Two is entertaining but manipulative

Saturday, 23 Sep, 2017

Gaga also found the film a great reflection of the complicated feelings she has towards fame.

'Gaga: Five Foot Two, ' the documentary film depicting the events around the production and release of Lady Gaga's fifth studio album Joanne, has been described by the singer herself as an 'authentic look at her life's highs and lows and lifts the veil behind her fame'. It's a part of me, and I'm grateful to Chris for caring, the compassion is overwhelming. The shows will now take place in 2018. She's wearing a green bikini and sitting on a lounge chair while talking with her creative directors Andrea Gelardin and Ruth Hogben. She told her team that she wanted to do something that was the opposite of what people expected.

While Moukarbel has the camera on Hogben, you hear Gaga say: "Sorry, I just. this feels better".

In a note posted to Twitter, Lady Gaga talks about how isolating fame can be, adding that it's "very psychologically challenging". The singer dives right back into the conversation they were having, and nobody bats an eye.

The Poker Face hitmaker, 31, has slammed the 59-year-old icon for choosing to criticise her through the media rather than dealing with any friction between them in a face-to-face showdown.

In an interview with Vulture's Dee Lockett, Moukarbel explained the normalcy of this moment.

When a fan asked if she watched yet, Lorde was quick to reply: "i watched it early a few hours ago lmao so good i die for that piano bad romance at tony's birthday. and everything else. she is my queen ❤️", she tweeted. "[But with Joanne] I'm saying this is me with nothing".

He said nobody in the group thought of it as a big deal. These themes are also knowingly or unknowingly echoed in the film itself; while presented as a piece of cinema verité, it often seems as staged and choreographed as one her music videos.

However much she may want us to see the ordinary aspects of her life, very little about her life is ordinary. "It didn't feel like a taboo place to go". She complains of full-body spasms, which she believes can be caused by depression, but she also has intense inflammation in her abdomen, and panic attacks, not to mention chronic pain in a hip she broke in 2013.

"Gaga: Five Foot Two" follows the recording of Lady Gaga's album Joanne, which was released in October.

Gaga previously shared some footage of the documentary on Instagram, including discussing her fear of being alone.