Trump rescinds invitation for Golden State Warriors to visit White House

Sunday, 24 Sep, 2017

"Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team".

Trump responded by tweeting that the invitation had been withdrawn.

A few hours after Donald Trump rescinded his invitation to Steph Curry and the National Basketball Association champion Golden State Warriors, LeBron James took to Twitter to criticize the 45th President.

On Friday, of course, Curry told The Jump's Rachel Nichols that he would vote not to attend the White House, though the Warriors hadn't even formally received an invite from the Trump administration. "My views haven't changed at all".

"But if you want to know what I'm voting, I'm gonna tell you that". "That's kind of the nucleus of my belief".

"Just like in our country, every opinion counts and matters", he said. It's not just the act of not going there. "He's fired", Trump said to loud applause.

"We haven't had a chance to be together". However, some members of the team, including Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, made it clear that they meant to vote "no" on the trip. "A president whose name alone causes division and wrath, whose words lead to strife and hatred, cannot make the Us a better country".

Of course, that was before the president rescinded his invitation.

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As Deadspin notes, the tweet contains two false statements: Curry wasn't hesitating-he'd already chose to vote against attending-and, according to ESPN, the invitation was never formally offered and wouldn't be unless the team voted to attend, making it impossible to withdraw. So therefore ain't no invite. "I don't think us not going to the White House is going to miraculously make everything better, but this is my opportunity to voice that".

White House ceremonies honoring championship teams have been a tradition since the 1980s, but Trump's election has led some teams and athletes to reconsider.

"With everything that's going on in our country, why are YOU focused on who's kneeling and visiting the White House???".