Uber's license to operate in London won't be renewed

Thursday, 28 Sep, 2017

An Uber spokesman said the company was taking steps to improve security for its drivers and that they are paid more than the minimum wage, enjoying the flexibility offered by the app.

Transport officials in London say they will not renew Uber's license to operate in the city due to "a lack of corporate responsibility" in dealing with the ride hailing app's safety issues.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he supported Friday's decision, saying any operator of taxi services in the city "needs to play by the rules".

As 40,000 Uber drivers face an uncertain future in the British capital, driver Steve Mercer told RT that Transport for London's (TfL) decision to revoke the firm's license is "short-sighted" and could put "hard working, law-abiding" people out of work. The ride-sharing firm has 40,000 drivers in the city, whose licenses will expire on September 30.

Uber is allowed to continue to operate during an appeals process, if it chooses to challenge the decision.

For its part, Uber accused the city of caving in to special interests "who want to restrict consumer choice".

Uber's London license will expire on September 30.

A British government minister has criticized the London authorities for deciding to strip Uber of its taxi licence, a major setback to the US technology firm that has become a big player in the city's transport system.

Uber could win its appeal in the courts and force TfL to back down.

The taxi giant is said to have around 40,000 drivers in London, with over 3.5 million Londoners using the app.

Uber said in a statement that the decision would "show the world that, far from being open, London is closed to innovative companies". The primary cause for the ban of licence is poor customer service and serious criminal offences which poses a risk to the public. Our pioneering technology has gone further to enhance safety with every trip tracked and recorded by Global Positioning System.

"A petition [Change.org petition] to ask the governor to reverse the decision has already received over 300,000 signatures 6 hours after starting".