SJP confirms Sex and the City 3 is 'over'

Saturday, 30 Sep, 2017

"If we left them today and this is where they were, I'd be okay", she told Tribute Movies.

"It's over", Parker said, in an interview with Extra, adding, "We're not doing it".

"We had this handsome, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very relatable script and story", Sarah, 52, went on. This is more than disappointing that may not be able to tell this story and live this experience.

But why? Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall reveals she "didn't want to do" another film.

Fans everywhere are heartbroken!

A new that has deeply saddened Sarah Jessica Parker as she was given during her stint on the red carpet of the NY city Ballet: "It's dead..."

According to the "Daily Mail" it looks like Kim Cattrall may have unintentionally derailed plans for a third "SATC" movie.

As previously reported, Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed the long-awaited movie is no longer in the works.

Despite mixed reviews for the first big-screen adaptation of "Sex And The City" (and a scathing reception to its sequel), it was claimed late previous year that the cast were "on board" to film a third instalment.

Cattrall though has denied the claims on Twitter. It will not. I am disappointed. Everyone was looking forward to making this movie but Kim made it all about her, always playing the victim. Ridiculous. It takes that, George Clooney?

So, what now? We just go on with our lives and try to pick up the pieces?

It's been nearly eight years of circulating rumors and encouraging words from actors, but it seems our favorite past-time of pondering the questions in Carrie Bradshaw's sex column will forever be just that - a past-time.