Republicans Introduce 'SUCCEED Act' to Protect Undocumented Children

Sunday, 01 Oct, 2017

But there are certain baseline disagreements within the Republican Party that will likely come to a head once debate heats up, none of which have been cleared up by the president - namely what Republicans can reasonably pass as "not amnesty". Thom Tillis (NC), James Lankford (OK), and Orrin Hatch (UT), appears to address some of these concerns.

DACA - an Obama-era program that protected undocumented individuals brought to the United States as children - allowed almost 800,000 DACA recipients (or "Dreamers") to apply for work permits and study in the United States without fear of deportation.

In the email, he reminded the CSI community that there will be NO action taken in enforcing these new, reformed immigration laws unless required by law.

The DACA issue could have a significant impact on Congress' looming December budget negotiations if not resolved, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from IL and an outspoken supporter of so-called DREAMers, warned at a Capitol Hill rally Monday.

Trump's decision means that new applications willl no longer be accepted under Daca. We must pass the bipartisan DREAM Act to provide the earned path to citizenship these patriotic young men and women deserve. After five years in non-immigrant status, they could then file for legal permanent residency (green card) and later become naturalized U.S. citizens.

Beyond that, the proposal prevents recipients from sponsoring family members for lawful permanent resident status.

"The President was fully engaged with that and was very supportive of the concept saying that's the way to go", Lankford said.

Congress has been given a six month time frame to devise a new plan to manage the population who will be displaced upon full implementation of the DACA repeal.

Woodward-Kaupert said Congress had a duty to preserve DACA and safeguard the interests of the Dreamers as the future of the country.

While there are some similarities between DACA and Succeed, the biggest difference between the two programs is how strict Succeed is - and how hard it would make an already fraught situation.

"We think it's a balanced resolution for a vexing problem that hasn't been solved for 30 years", he said. I'm hoping today we can get the renewal together and the attorney will be able to help me and fill it out and it will get there on time so I can stay here and have more opportunities. Washington D.C. and 15 other states, such as NY and California, are planning to follow in Washington's footsteps and file their own separate lawsuits against Trump if DACA is repealed. An identical version was introduced in the House.

Conservatives in the House have started a working group led by Idaho Republican Rep. Raúl Labrador, who is also in a working group with Republican leadership.

It's an aggressive strategy that reflects the belief among many Democrats that the pressure on Republicans is so intense, that a discharge petition - or at least the plausible threat of one - would be effective in forcing their hand. "The American public overwhelmingly supports Dreamers in polls".

Dubbed the Succeed Act, the bill by Lankford, R-Oklahoma City, and Republican Sens. It would also increase the U.S. Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection forces by 5,000 agents each.

"It is an unconstitutional program, so that is constraining", Ms. Duke told the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Top Democrats, however, still believe they have a partner in President Trump.

DACA isn't ideal. But it has allowed over 800,000 individuals to step out of the shadows and participate in the US without fear of being deported from what is, for many Dreamers, the only home they've ever known.

Not so. The U.S. economic recovery has already lasted 98 months, and national unemployment stands at 4.4 percent - 4 percent in Florida.

"I understand that the opposition might say that a good immigrant shouldn't have to worry about being deported", said Vanessa Rodriguez, undocumented student and government sophomore.

Collins offered a hopeful tone: "I recognize that these young men and women were brought to our county illegally, with no fault of their own".