Batshuayi's Chelsea career at risk after Conte snub

Monday, 02 Oct, 2017

Eden Hazard is off the leash and ready to start his first Premier League game of the season - four days after dazzling in Madrid - with a new challenge set by Antonio Conte. "I hope he is well". "I love this from him, and I ask it of him because, [when it comes to] a player with his talent, it's important to ask him to be decisive every game".

Conte considers this season an opportunity for Hazard to justify such bold claims by making a proper impression on the Champions League and has sensed the player's own determination to hoist his game to a new level. On paper, these games should be able to create exciting memories that will keep fans reminiscing till club football resumes in two weeks, and in reality, I believe that they will live up to the hype.

"I think that we have to try and change the story because in the last few years the Spanish teams are dominating in Europe". "I have players to make the best decision". But personally I prefer the 5-3-2 and I think just Morata and Hazard are flawless strike partners up front.

"He's a totally different player in terms of what Chelsea are used to, with the likes of Didier Drogba and Costa who are big and strong and bullied defenders".

Prior to the match, Conte complained about the decision to schedule the game for Saturday that allowed City one day more to prepare, and he refused to criticise his players' performance or application at the end of a gruelling run of seven matches in 21 days in all competitions.

"Honestly, I'm not anxious", he said. Keep sticking Michy in front of goal late in games, and maybe they can go even farther.

"I'm seeing great determination in him", the Italian added.

"We must be very happy because Eden Hazard's performance was incredible and it was the first big game for him after his injury". The Chelsea man was caught impersonating the City player.

If you forced us to put one question mark against the Spain international's name, and we had to think about this Alvaro, it would be that he's yet to score against a "top six" side. But I think Andreas is playing very well and showing that he's a very good player, playing with great maturity and experience, showing he can play with us.