Trump lashes out at San Juan mayor over Maria response

Monday, 02 Oct, 2017

Trump criticized the mayor of capital San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, the morning after she said, "We are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy".

The president also thanked Congresswoman Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon and U.S. Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth Mapp "who stated that #FEMA and Military are doing a GREAT job!"

Trump's remarks have received backlash on social media, with people posting pictures of Cruz on the grounds helping and consoling residents. I am begging. Begging anyone who can hear us to save us from dying.

Cruz added in a televised statement in which she declared she was begging for more help, she said, "If we don't get the food and water into peoples' hands, what we are going to see is something close to genocide". He has also made repeated reference to Puerto Rico's debt, even in the midst of a humanitarian catastrophe.

Hollywood actor Chris Evans tweeted that he thought Mr Trump was being "narcissistic, defensive and insulting" in a post he called "A Trump Thread In A Time Of Crisis".

President Donald Trump plans to tour Puerto Rico Tuesday, stating in his weekly address, "It;s getting better".

Ms Cruz said the White House was failing to adequately cater to needs of Puerto Ricans, who are depending on bottled water and rationed food from the U.S. federal government.

"Well, yesterday, after my press conference, all of a sudden things started coming in from Fema", she said, referring to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

That official, Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke, called the situation in Puerto Rico, "a good news story".

Cruz has done multiple live interviews with TV news outlets regarding the damage the island has sustained, and has been vocal about not receiving the aid needed. They.... want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort.

Cruz has blasted the federal response to the storm recovery and said people are dying because of the bureaucratic issues, but Trump has said thousands of workers are on the island doing great work.