Facebook Messenger's data saving Lite version rolls out worldwide

Wednesday, 04 Oct, 2017

The roll out could get more teenagers on Messenger because it downloads messages more quickly.

Facebook has rolled out its Messenger Lite app to users in US, UK, Canada and Ireland.

The Messenger Lite app came out in October of 2016.

Sadly, iPhone owners are out of luck because the app is not yet available for iOS - and its feared there are no plans to bring it to Apple's devices.

Facebook's apps are infamous for the amount of data and battery they soak up, which has led to some people ditching the social network's ever-growing suite of apps. However, considering the fact that the app consumes a significant amount of data and occupies a lot of space, Facebook also introduced a Messenger Lite app.

Messenger Lite is like a scaled down version of the original Messenger app, without a number of features from the app including the Snapchat-like features and games, which provides for a quicker and more user friendly messaging app.

Still, Messenger Lite could appeal to a certain subset of users with limited financial resources to keep the Internet tap open, a.k.a. teens.

On top of offering its data saving services, the app will also help you save on storage space, as it weighs only 10MB.

Although Messenger Lite was initially created to get people onboard Facebook's platform with entry-level handsets, it has managed to gain traction amongst users looking to get better control of data consumption.

Mr Marcus said people use the apps for different reasons and they are not in direct competition.

Make the most of your data.


Lite version is developed for mobile data-constrained countries and entry-level Android smartphones. Canada, UK, and Ireland after previously being available in over 100 mostly-developing countries.