Brazil police arrest Olympic committee chief in bribery investigation

Saturday, 07 Oct, 2017

On hearing of Mr Nuzman's arrest, the International Olympic Committee released a statement offering the Brazilian authorities its co-operation. Nuzman is an honorary member of the IOC.

However, the International Olympic Committee said in a statement Brazilian athletes would not be affected and Team Brazil would be able to take part at next year's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

The brazilian authorities have stated that the negotiations to win the vote for the olympics 2016 " akin to a criminal organization.

According to Brazilian prosecutors, Carlos Nuzman hid 16 one-kilogram bars of gold in Switzerland - now worth some $700,000 (CHF686,000). "The OAG is now analyzing the MLA request in order to evaluate if it can be executed", it said in a statement to on Friday.

Carlos Nuzman, who is also an honorary member of the worldwide olympic Committee, was questioned by the brazilian authorities and the French last month. The losers were Chicago, supported by then-President Barack Obama, Madrid and Tokyo.

"An extensive documentation and solid evidence revealed that Cabral's criminal organization bought [the] president of the International Association of Athletics Federations Lamine Diack's vote for Dollars 2 million", according to the Public Ministry.

The French case has also implicated four-time Olympic sprint medalist Frank Fredericks of Namibia.

Athletes may be affected indirectly, though, by the freezing of subsidies and payments.

The Lausanne-based International Olympic Committee said it is cooperating with the investigation, but stressed that innocence must be presumed until guilt is proven.

Nuzman's attorney characterized the arrest as "harsh and unusual", according ot the G1 news portal. Last month, he allegedly amended his tax declaration to add about $600,000 in income.

Sergio Mazzillo, a lawyer for Nuzman, said then his client was innocent. Yesterday, whistle-blower Eric Maleson told ATR that he had written to the IOC yet again asking for intervention in the committee.

As well as suspending the COB, the IOC has also provisionally ended its relationship with Rio 2016's organising committee.