European courts could decide trade disputes during transition period: PM May

Tuesday, 10 Oct, 2017

While she has now survived last weeks attempted coup against her, her position is far from secure. By approaching these negotiations in a constructive way, we can prove the doomsayers wrong'.

German officials say that in recent months they have been spending just as much energy on how to handle that as on preparing for a negotiated solution. The EU is insisting that until "sufficient progress" is made on that issue, along with citizens' rights and the Irish border, it will not open up talks about the future, something the European commission had originally planned to happen at a summit in Brussels on 19 October.

Her comments appeared to cross one of the four Brexit red lines that Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, set out on the eve of Conservative Party conference.

After her statement to the House of Commons, Mrs May was challenged by Eurosceptic Tory backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg to confirm "unequivocally" that the ECJ's writ "will no longer run in any way in this country" following the expected date of Brexit on March 29 2019.

"The Business Advisory Council is an important part of our preparations for leaving the European Union - allowing us to seek the views of experienced business leaders and to share with them the government's vision for a successful Brexit".

She responded that the need to ensure a smooth and orderly withdrawal, with the minimum of disruption "may mean that we will start off with the ECJ still governing the rules we're part of for that period". Some governments are also blocking proposals to allow discussion of the two-year transition deal that May asked for in Florence, according to diplomats speaking on condition of anonymity. If talks have not moved on to the second phase by now, the process will be in serious crisis, with time running out for any discussion of trade and companies across the United Kingdom forced to plan for the possibility that there will be no deal.

The negotiations are all set to restart this week, marking the fifth week of talks in this regard.

Jensen said the sides "are now on the same page" and "it is rather important we get on to a more close and more speedy process of concluding some of the issues".

Away from Brexit and the prime minister's troubles, the Mirror reports on the demise of weekly bin collections, saying many are now paying for private waste firms to pick up their rubbish as council collections drop to every three weeks in some areas.

She then told the Sunday Times the problems during her speech had been "really frustrating", but added: "Let's keep this in proportion".

Photo Britain's Brexit minister David Davis and European Union's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier have entered the fifth rounds of negotiations.

In an interview with the same newspaper, May pushed back.

"The truth is my feelings can be hurt, like everyone else, but I am pretty resilient", she said. "We are always here and we are ready", he said.