Google Pixel 2's camera is exceptional proves official camera samples

Tuesday, 10 Oct, 2017

The company also showed its take on Air Pods, in the form of Google Pixel Buds. All this is is Google implementing more, optional safety features.

The idea that all these phones are pushing is that dual lenses make for better pictures, since one lens can capture foreground details while the other does the background. "It went on to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8" becomes the new joint leader for smartphone image quality alongside Apple's iPhone 8 Plus". It looks bland, yes, but what got me wide-eyed was the integration of clever AI through Google Assistant and a few other features that take advantage of Google's expertise on AI and machine learning. In fact if not better, the samples prove Pixel 2's camera is as good as it sounds on paper. Google Pixel's camera features HDR+ which quickly produces photos with excellent dynamic range. Both cameras are able to capture 4K resolution videos.

On paper, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 seems to be the clear victor of the camera contest. But for Pixel 2 owners, Google has come up with something really solid. The Pixel 2 can intelligently identify and separate backgrounds and foregrounds based on what the company's algorithms have gleaned from processing that huge trove of data. These are the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. If our readers have noticed our posts, the information would continue to prattle that having the headphone jack in a smartphone is necessary because it presents convenience, but it does not appear that Google thinks in the same manner. Yes, it's a respectable chip, but it looks positively archaic when you compare it to the iPhone 8 Plus' new A11 Bionic chip with its neural engine. Both smartphones' cameras handle low-light condition admirably. Once you've paired the phones to the handset, you can simply tap the right earpiece and issue a command to Google Assistant on the Pixel 2. The Pixel 2 XL, on the other hand, is a bit pricey with its $849 price-tag. This is more than enough to capture some wonderful selfies and it is flawless for video calls too.

Even though the battery capacity of the smaller Pixel 2 is not the best, the bigger Pixel 2 XL has a decent 3520mAh unit that supports fast charging technology. Over the years, Google has driven its share of the mobile phone market by producing the Andriod operating system and providing mobile phone manufactures with a free iOS to go in their phone. While the smartphones will be available from over 1,000 offline stores in the country, they will be exclusively available online via Flipkart.