Lafayette Fire Department holds fire prevention classes in new Fire Safety House

Thursday, 12 Oct, 2017

"Don't play with matches, lighters, things like that", said firefighter Brad Graham, of Omaha Fire Department.

Hammons said the department visits and educates approximately 2,500 children throughout the county.

McEvoy says that additional information on college fire safety can be found on the NFPA website.

But for larger homes, like Alisha Springmeyer and Neal Braunel's foster home with nearly a dozen children, fire prevention and safety is not just a week-long event; it's a way of life.

National Fire Prevention Week began this past Sunday with its new theme "Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!" That plan should have more than one exit and a meeting place. Every home should create a custom plan that provides two options out of every room in case of a fire.

One of the day's highlights is a fire prevention puppet show, he said, while another is a presentation where visitors can watch how firefighters extricate someone from an automobile. "Every time you reuse that grease, the flashing point changes".

Jaco wants to make sure all families are prepared for the unexpected-that means having a plan.

"It's a good learning tool", Hammons said. "We receive requests for public education events all year". "As we all learned earlier this year when there was a room on fire at Mimosa hall, students assumed that it was just another fire alarm and did not evacuate". Also, school groups will be touring the firehouse to learn about how the fire fighters live, train and work. As we ease into fall and winter here in central NY, we welcome all the heat we can get. And once outside, stay outside. Go to neighboring residences and call emergency services, and most importantly, never go back inside a burning building. Forbush said a child or animal could inadvertently knock over a candle and the flame could start a fire. "It's all about life safety and making sure those people have an opportunity to be safe in the home whether it's a mansion or a small two bedroom house". They'll protect you, give you an early notification in time to get up and get out before it's too late.