Amazon Echo: Alexa Can Tell Voices Apart with Individual Voice Profiles

Friday, 13 Oct, 2017

Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant can now recognise different voices to ensure that the responses are personalised for each user.

CNET writes, "as of today, Alexa will begin to use voice recognition to personally tailor calls and messages, flash briefings, shopping, and music playback via the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan".

When shopping, users who've set up a voice confirmation code will no longer to say the code during the purchase, as Alexa has already recognized the user's voice and linked it to their account. The new feature started to roll out yesterday.

Amazon stated that voice recognition will become smarter in near future.

This means if you ask Alexa to call your friend Ben, the Echo will call the right person. Alexa will recognize their voice without you having to manually switch between profiles, or tell Alexa who you are.

This new feature by Amazon is now available for messaging, calling, flash briefing, shopping and enjoying the Unlimited Amazon Music and soon this update will cover all features. Then access Account Heading and finally, Your Voice. Moreover, when it comes to news, Alexa will only read those that you haven't heard before.

The training process does have you speak some specific phrases to train Alexa on your voice.

Following set up, custom voice profiles should work across other Amazon Echo devices, plus "most" third-party Alexa supported devices. Google Home speakers received an update in April that brought the technology to consumers.

Sales of voice-activated wireless speakers are set to surge this holiday season as a raft of devices from established and new competitors hit the market, a research firm predicted Thursday.