Returning to The Upside Down

Saturday, 14 Oct, 2017

The trailer begins with a wide shot on the snowy woods, as Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) grabs Eggo waffles in a plastic baggy from a storage bin.

With trailers and interviews giving little away, the fandom instead turns to crafting their own theories on just what's going to happen when we return to Hawkins.

Set in the 1980s, the Netflix horror sci-fi drama will start from where it was left in the first season. Along they way, they contend with supernatural forces unleashed from an alternate dimension known as the Upside Down. With the new season now just two weeks out, we should all be so hyped for the new gang to get back after it.

When Stranger Things began streaming on Netflix a year ago, it became an unexpectedly massive hit.

If you ever wondered what some classic board games looked like over in the Upside Down world then look no further - because Hasbro has the answer.

[Y] ou don't really see how it's all tied together until later. Will is the way through which we're able to understand what's going on.

"They are not nightmares, it's happening", utters chief of police Jim Hopper (David Harbour) as the aftershocks of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) continue to be felt.

Trailer 2 also confirms the release date for Stranger Things Series 2, which will be available to stream at maximum binge on the 27th October 2017. Newly added cast members include Paul Reiser, Sean Astin, Linnea Berthelsen, Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery, among others.