Hungry? Now You Can Order Food Directly Through Facebook

Sunday, 15 Oct, 2017

They can then decide if they want takeout or home delivery.

Not included in that list: UberEats, Grubhub, or Postmates. Once you do, Facebook will bring up an in-app browser that takes you through the existing websites for and the others.

Go ahead and test it out today! Facebook says it now has no plans to hire drivers to deliver the food directly, but hopes the new feature will encourage users to stay on the platform for longer.

Reminding you of your friends' birthdays, showing you which of your relatives is racist, meddling in global geopolitics. truly there is nothing Facebook can't do.

Facebook will also connect guests with old favorites and new discoveries, and share what their network of friends has to say about a restaurant before they order. After receiving positive feedback and adding partners, Facebook is now rolling out the food-ordering feature everywhere in the United States on iOS, Android and desktop.

TheNewsGuru reports Facebook partnered with restaurants including Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc, Jack in the Box Inc, Five Guys and Papa John's International Inc to launch the service for users in the US. From there, you can browse through all the food options and tap on the "Start Order" option. The feature is now gradually rolling out to US users for both the website and the Android/iOS app, and it's currently unknown whether it will make its way to other countries.

The aim of the social media tycoon is that people remain on its platform for all services from money-transfer, business services, and ride-hailing services to ordering food online.

However, the company made no comment as to how long that option was live, or what percentage of users on Facebook had it to use. You're really not doing all that much with the new Facebook app, but it is a convenience.