Google tributes 'The Life and Legacy of Selena Quintanilla' with Doodle

Wednesday, 18 Oct, 2017

Her work consisted in collaborating "directly" with the family of Selena Quintanilla to gather enough information and make a brief tribute to the singer who died on March 31, 1993 in the hands of a fanatic.

Today's Google home page is spotlighting the Mexican-American singer and performer Selena Quintanilla, marking the the release date anniversary for her self-titled album "Selena" with Capitol EMI Studios in 1989.

Google is honoring the life and success of Latin pop star Selena Quintanilla in a unique way. Her popularity grew after she won the Tejano Music Award for Female Vocalist of the Year in 1987, and won it nine consecutive times.

Now, with the final product released, Campos hopes to inspire millions around the world with the music and story of Selena - and thank the Tejano music trailblazer for all she's done.

Billboard talked to the Google exec behind the doodle.

Google worked in tandem with the Quintanilla family to create the doodle celebrating Selena's life, according to Forbes.

As the youngest child in her family, Selena always had a knack for the spotlight.

The marketing manager for Doodle, Perla Campos said that this Doodle has been meticulously planned by her team.

Though the Tejano singer may be gone, her legacy will never be forgotten. "They even put red on the microphone the way she used to have it", she added.

Selena's success brought stardom and she was soon known as "the next Gloria Estefan" and "the Mexican Madonna", courted by Coca-Cola as a spokesperson. "Selena has always transcended cultural boundaries and having this Doodle featuring a strong, Latina woman on the homepage of Google around the world is a ideal example [of] that".

Google has also released a special biographical exhibit on Selena as part of their online Arts & Culture museum.

"I've never seen myself on the Google homepage, and I think that's so important for so many people", Campos said.

The hashtag #Selena was slanting on Twitter early Tuesday as fanatics of Quintanilla praised the Google Doodle as "long late and merited".