"Pay with Google" makes the Android shopping experience a lot smoother

Tuesday, 24 Oct, 2017

Bhat added that the Google Payment API was created to speed up the online checkout process, enabling purchases to be made with "a few quick clicks".

Users can now simply choose any of the credit or debit cards added to their Google Account through Google Play, YouTube, Chrome or Android Pay.

Payment process on Android phone or tablet can give you headache sometimes and Google knows this.

Rolling out to a few apps (listed below) and Chrome, when a purchase process is almost complete, Android users will be met with a new option to Pay With Google. Developers can find out more about the Google Payment API here. This initiative is targeting mobile web page speed, also meant to significantly enhance user experience.

In doing so, Pay with Google allows you to pay with any card you have stored regardless of the platform you're using to make your purchase - mobile or web.

Pay with Google is already available with 15 businesses, including hungryhouse, airbnb, and StubHub.

Google is has launched a new payment service, Pay with Google, which looks to become the company's standard protocol for making people pay for things online. The final "Pay with Google" implementation is now ready to go, and it's available right now with a number of different retailers.

"Then, the merchant will handle all the details just like any other purchase", he said.

Google has partnered with a selection of popular payment providers, with more to come in the future. The merchant will then proceed with the shipment - without using any third-party payment bridge.

At Chrome Dev Summit 2017 today in San Francisco, Google announced two new tools related to its browser: the Chrome User Experience Report and Trusted Web Activity. "It also said that in coming few months it would also enable payments via Google Assistant where user can send or receive payments using only voice command".